A Bit Reckless

It’s take a while for me to understand that try as I might, who I am, who God has made me to be, is not made to fit anyone else.

Many years ago as a child, I dreamt that I would live in Africa and that is indeed what ended up happening. That dream came true 32 years ago and my husband and I have lived and loved serving on this wonderful continent doing everything from planting churches, run feeding programs, educational outreaches, medical outreaches, and just loving the beautiful hearts of the African people.

We’re blessed with 4 children, 3 of whom now live Stateside as adults. Two of them have married amazing spouses (we even have a GRANDSON), the 3rd is the “last one standing.” At least until our little girl who is 8, gets MUCH older. As far as her Daddy and I are concerned, she can just carry on being our little girl!

All these years later, we still find ourselves taken aback by the beauty that is Africa. That doesn’t mean that we’ve not had challenges; especially having to see our children grow and live so far away. The pain of seeing them go, while intense, is soothed by knowing they all love God and serve Him. While we may not have been able to do much for our kids financially, we did raise them with an eternal heritage. They learned to love and follow Jesus and now we know that they are safe in His care no matter where His work may take any of us.

It’s taken a while for me to understand that try as I might, who I am, who God has made me to be, is not made to fit anyone else. Rather than fight being myself, I have learned to become recklessly me. As a couple, my husband and I, we are recklessly who God made us to be.



2 replies on “A Bit Reckless”

Finances are good but what I yearned the most for as a young adult coming to Christ was parents who taught me the way. As I used to wallow in self-pity being the first generation Christian, I realize I can rely on my Abba Father, myself. Yet, that comes with many challenges. However, to see you so free to be you, to be different, it encourages me to go forth even if I am alone and blaze a new trail. Thank You Pastors for setting an example to walking out the unique call that only you can.


What an honor to hear that in some small way God has used us for good. Life is short, God has made you as He wanted to make you; He delights in you! So be you and delight in the person God made you to be. 💕


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