Help us to be moved with what moves God’s heart

I’ve spent much of this week doing admin and lessons for the children’s work here. I have felt inundated and overwhelmed with paperwork – but the reports are now done for a while and all accounts balanced and the children are being fed. I slept better when all those reports were done.

During the latter part of this year, I feel pressed to work harder than ever with those who teach the children. Until now, I have had to concentrate on everything from the cooking to the security concerns at the site. While what we have done with the teaching of the children has been good, it is time to “up the ante,” as it were, and work on our lessons and curriculum that we’re teaching the children.

Because of the high rate of illiteracy that we have among our volunteers, this presents us with a special challenge. I have initiated an additional meeting with those who voluntarily teach the children and use the time to go over the lessons with them personally. I’ve found that the ladies are learning as much as the children are! Little things that we from the West wouldn’t even think twice about (for example talking directly to the children and asking them questions about the lessons we teach) are new concepts here. I feel like a salmon swimming upstream; but like those amazing fish, I am pretty determined to work til we see some good results.

We are using a translator to not only translate from the front as we teach, but also to translate our written lessons into Chewa (the local language). In so doing, we will be able to build a curriculum, slowly but surely, that will work with and for our people.

In addition to the special emphasis that we’re placing on teaching the kids, we are going to receive a team from Links International from the 18th to the 20th of August who will teach our ladies on community health and child education. They will be teaching the ladies each afternoon during the days they are here.

My greatest challenge now is not so much the actual work of the cooking and feeding, but the growth of the teaching team. Please pray that God brings literate people to sow into the lives of the children!

At the same time, I feel pressed to trust the Lord for even more. Now that this initial site is operating well, I am stirred to trust God for us to begin feeding more. There is so much need – could we not feed 10,000 in this city? Could we not touch more kids?

The need is not just financial in order to get that done – it’s logistical. But the same way that God has helped us feed this initial 800, He can give us what we need to feed the next 800!

I look at the children here and think my children could have been born into this. How I would’ve appreciated someone coming to help! I look at our little Andreya (D for short!) and think how God plucked her out of similar circumstances and gave her precious life to us to raise and love. Oh that we could adopt more than 1 or 2 or 3 – that we had the energy and wherewithall to help them all.

God help us to be moved by what moves Him.