The Flashlight App

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t like to turn on the light. That feeling of lights suddenly coming on right when you wake up from a sleep is not nice. I’m awake almost always before the sun comes up so the intrusion of light into my world comes in stages; you might say that waking up for me is a kind of “emerging.” So when walking around in the dark, I am usually quite confident of my way around and most of the time, I manage to navigate around our room quietly without rousing the rest of the house. On occasion, I will use the “flashlight app” on my phone to move around if I’m in an unfamiliar setting (if we are traveling) or if I’ve moved the furniture around (which I am been known to do quite often). When I become comfortable with how the room is, I then leave the “flashlight app” to

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