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The Roosters

What difference does it make to help only a few instead of thousands?

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He Was A Missionary

What mattered this year is if I honestly represented my Lord and His Mission as I went about my days, if I reached out with mercy and grace, even when I’ve not been offered that same courtesy.

Contempt, Faith, Familiarity, Fasting, Judgment

Day 16 – Best Friends

Day 16 - Best Friends
Who is your best friend? I would say my husband Jamie is my best friend. We’ve been married 33 years this coming July. We’ve been together so long that I wonder if he can read my mind sometimes, and vice-versa.

Forgiveness, Judgment

Don’t Draw on the Walls!

I’ve noticed in our daily lives that we aren’t as forgiving with one another as we are with children when they draw on the walls. We are far more prone to paint over our their drawings than we are to forgive the faults of others who have failed to make "the grade" in our opinion; after all, they drew on our walls!