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No Pogo Sticks Either

Today, I had to step out for a few minutes and the usual run-down of rules had an additional item or two added just in case.

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Runaway Prophet

One of the things I appreciate about Jonah of the Bible is that he’s real. There’s nothing hidden about Jonah. He wears it all on his sleeve and yet, God used him. To me, that meant as I read about Jonah, that there was hope for me!

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From The Pit To The Palace

Apologies for the inactive link in the last post! The link is now working! Today I'm connecting with our podcast, Africa & Beyond, so you can enjoy this amazing message that Jamie has been sharing with our church in Blantyre, Malawi. It may seem life has settled into a pit or a prison - but… Continue reading From The Pit To The Palace

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Don’t Draw on the Walls!

I’ve noticed in our daily lives that we aren’t as forgiving with one another as we are with children when they draw on the walls. We are far more prone to paint over our their drawings than we are to forgive the faults of others who have failed to make "the grade" in our opinion; after all, they drew on our walls!

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Cluttered Places

I am burdened with the need to put things in order and generally keep things clean and clear of clutter. Why is this a burden? Because I see clutter and mess as it's happening, I even foresee messes and do what I can to avoid them. There are times that I wish I could just… Continue reading Cluttered Places


Time to Clean Up!

Forgiveness is one of those Christian words that we all are used to hearing. Forgiving others for the wrongs they have done is difficult; the effects of not forgiving someone for their wrongs can have lifelong – even eternal – effects. Those of us who have been around a church or group of believers for… Continue reading Time to Clean Up!