A Bit Different


As you might have noticed, The Cultural Misfit is a bit different from other sites you have visited. It is this difference that makes a misfit life, and in this case, a misfit blog. I’ve read all of the “7 Steps to a Successful Blog” and “How To’s” for blogging and I’m still a bit of an enigma. The content you will find here is off the beaten path, but I’ve learned to live with my “misfit-ness.”

A misfit is, after all, who I am!

I’m different and that’s okay.

The Cultural Misfit was born out of my reality of living in Africa. On this continent, I have learned that being different is okay. Therefore, I’m different and that’s okay. If we don’t learn how to be accept who God has made us to be, how can we expect others to accept us? The Cultural Misfit is a peek into my journey of being okay with who Lea Peters is: an imperfect work in progress. My imperfection simply directs me to look to my Father Whose perfection eclipses my flaws. If I can just be faithful, and keep my focus on Him, there’s a chance that I might leave a small impact on this world for His Kingdom.

Some of what is written here is what I call “happy/sad.” (To sample “happy/sad,” see my post “The Water Is Off Today.”) My life’s journey presents with wide range of emotions: from ecstatic to deeply sad, depending on the circumstances. One day, I may see street children reunited with their families, bringing me great joy. The next, I may find myself burying a young child who has died from malaria. Within that jumble of feelings lies the cord that God has woven through my life to help me make it to the finish line.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Please connect with me online to learn more about what makes being a misfit worth it all.


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Painted toenails in the mud, a true misfit moment!