Brokenness, Perspective, Sorrow, Tears



Trails of them

Tears run

Flowing unchecked down well-worn furrows

Staining the strongest

Bringing lower the lowest

Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons

Great rivers of sorrow

No escape from the darkness

Alone in the suffering

Does anyone see?

Does anyone care?

Hands folded, knees bowed low

Oh God rescue us, rescue us…

An unexpected hand, an embrace

A cup of water, a plate of food

No longer alone

Sorrows gently wiped way

You saw us and you cared

You came

Today, God made us laugh.


But what about tomorrow?


The voices of thousands remain unheard as this world spins in angst and anger. This piece came to me today as I began to prepare for a food distribution to 200 families of widows, elderly and vulnerable in Burundi. Through all the noise that is being fed to us, take a moment to look around where you are to listen for those whose tears flow unchecked along well-worn furrows.