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Cling Wrap, Sore Knuckles, and The Kingdom

plastic wrap

Cling wrap.

Try as I might I cannot get a grip on how to properly use the stuff. It comes in a nice long rectangular box with an oh-so-fine serrated edge that, in theory, is supposed to help tear the cling wrap in nice, even pieces that I can use to cover food containers in the refrigerator. Try as I might, in all my years and work in the kitchen, rarely have I ever been able to tear off a perfect piece of cling wrap to cover a dish.

Following directions, this scenario repeats itself nearly every time I dare to brave to enter the world of cling wrap:

  • Set dish that needs to be covered on the counter.
  • Open box of cling wrap.
  • Find edge of cling wrap. This is a feat of major proportions as the edge of the plastic is nearly invisible; usually resulting in unevenly tearing of the cling wrap.
  • Frustration begins to bubble beneath the surface.
  • Pull desired amount of cling wrap, with bunched edges, over the dish.
  • As instructed on the box, gently pull on one side of the cling wrap to tear the end of the wrap off.
  • Wrap does not tear, apply more pressure.
  • Cling wrap begins to bunch up, stretch, and will not tear evenly. My knuckles are torn against the fine serrated edge – the serrated edge seems to tear my skin better than it does the plastic wrap.
  • Rinse and repeat until successful or knuckles are too sore to try again.
  • Get another dish with its own cover and give up.

Who ever invented this stuff? I’ve even tried the perforated cling wrap with nearly the same results – except my knuckles don’t bleed which is a big plus.

I keep telling myself I need to purchase more storage containers with lids. The problem with buying more storage containers with lids is that nearly every time I have purchased containers here (Malawi), the lids don’t stay on and I find myself returning to the violent world of cling wrap.

Like cling wrap that seems to cling to everything besides that it is intended for, I find in myself times that I cling to things other than what I’m created for.

In Matthew 16:13-20 Jesus had a conversation with His disciples. He asked them who people thought He was; after hearing their replies, He asked, “Who do you say I am?” Famously, Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ. In verse 17 Jesus calls Peter, “Blessed” for his revelation of Who He was.

Peter had an idea of who he thought Jesus was and what that looked like; he was correct in saying that Jesus was the Christ – but he had no idea of what that meant. Immediately after Peter’s statement, Jesus began telling His disciples (Matthew 16:21-28) that He was going to suffer and die and then rise from the dead. That same Peter who was called blessed just a few verses earlier, was told in verse 23, “Get behind me Satan!” Peter was clinging to his own ideas of how things were meant to be.

Jesus was passionate, He clung to His assignment. At the same time, He told His disciples (and we who follow Him today) that the assignment we are to cling to is to be likened to a cross.

Matthew 16:24 NLT“If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.”

Our own ideas of what our faith is supposed to look like, much like Peter’s, won’t mirror what taking up our crosses is meant to be.

This morning I was reading in Luke 17 where Jesus describes the work of a servant:

Luke 17:10 ESV“So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded, say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty.’”

Often we make the mistake of living our lives from day-to-day, giving a nod to God when we read our Bible and pray, giving Him another nod when we make it to church, and believe that we are living lives of profitable servants. If we only live to fulfill duty, we’ve not yet entered into the realm of being profitable for the Kingdom. Being profitable means going above and beyond the call of duty and entering a place of actually adding value (touching souls) to the Kingdom.

In Matthew 25:14-30 the parable of the three servants gives the account of what it means to be profitable. Each of the three was given a different amount of money (talents) to care for while the master was away. The first two earned interest on the money they were left and they were declared to be profitable. The third simply hid the money he was given and returned to the master exactly what had been given to him. Businesspeople understand this principle: if an employee is not profitable, he is fired. That’s what happened to this third servant.

If we only do what is right as a believer (read our Bibles, pray, attend church, love others, give, show mercy, etc.) that’s simply doing our duty. As servants of the Kingdom, we have a much greater destiny that just clinging to doing the bare minimum to get a pass into Heaven. Like Jesus, who came as One Man to this earth and now has innumerable followers, we are to sow ourselves as He did into the lives of others and watch God give us a great harvest.

Not only are we to sow ourselves into the Kingdom as Jesus did, but we are to do so willingly – to cling to that purpose understanding that there’s far more at stake than our own comfort or convenience.

This world with all its trappings seeks to engage us to the point of eliminating our profitability for the Kingdom. God’s Kingdom, unlike the world we live in today, is eternal and immovable. This world is, as we all know too well, temporary, corruptible, and unable to satisfy the deep craving all of us have in our souls for something better, something more.

I’ve decided to cling to the cross.

heaven is our home

2 thoughts on “Cling Wrap, Sore Knuckles, and The Kingdom”

  1. Hi Leah on of my friends sent me this on Wednesday thought you may like it.

    Here are my reasons…..



    3. Our Children go to school daily or let’s say Monday through Friday, from morning till evening (my children even go for Special lessons on Saturdays too)…. no challenge…. no complain….

    4. We go to work at our various companies and offices from morning till evening daily…. no challenge…. no complain….

    5. Our business people go for business daily to buy or sell etc, and they stay there from morning till night…. no challenge…. no complain….

    6. Our sportsmen go for exercise and training at the stadium, gymn, or wherever daily… no challenge. …. no complain….

    7. All serious ventures in life are undertaken on daily basis with several hours invested….no challenge…. no complain….

    Why then should the most important venture in life, (the spiritual venture,) be done once a week for “sunday- sunday” christians or twice a week for norminal christians….???

    Are we saying that all these things are more important than the spiritual…?

    Are we saying that all these things deserve more attention than the Spiritual…. ?

    Are we saying that our Lord Jesus Christ himself was wrong…. and his example is not worth following…?

    Are we saying that the Apostles didn’t know what they were doing by following strictly the example of Jesus Christ….?

    Since we have chosen a worship schedule and system that is comfortable and convenient for the flesh and also crowd friendly…. can we compare our spiritual results, impacts, supernatural manifestations etc, and the quality of believers that we raise today, with that of the Apostles…?

    No wonder our Churches are filled with weak Christians who do not have a testimony of salvation….

    I mean Christians who can say….
    ” I gave my to Christ On so so and so day… of so so and so month….of so so and so year”

    I mean Christians who can say…
    “Once I was blind but now I see…”

    I mean Christians who can say….
    “I used to drink and smoke…. but since I met Jesus, I don’t drink nor smoke again…”

    I mean Christians who can say….
    “I used to steal, fornicate, fight, Rob etc… but now…. Jesus has changed me… I’m not more like that…I now live for Jesus…I now vomit at the sight of a cigarette or beer….”

    We dont have many Christians who can boldly sing this song….

    A great change…. Since I believe
    A great change…. Since I believe
    A great change…. Since I believe
    There’s a great Change since I believe…..

    The things I used to do….
    I do them No more…
    The place I used to go…
    I go there no more….
    The things I used to take….
    I take them No more…
    There’s a great change since I believe….

    We are short of Christians who can truly sing …

    I’m a new creation…
    I’m a brand new man…
    Old things have passed away…
    I’m born again….
    I’m more than conquerors
    That’s what I am…
    I’m a new creation….
    I’m a brand new man….

    Today’s Christians can hardly sing a song like this one here ….

    “Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me…
    All his wonderful passion and purity….
    Oh thou spirit divine….
    All my nature refine…
    Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me….

    Our Churches are full of people who cannot live above sin… who are yet to overcome and be free from the bondage of Sin … they call it “weak point…” and some even claim that grace has covered them…

    We now have lots of Church people
    who can not stand for God in times of adversity !!!

    Church people who cannot preach about hell fire or heaven to save sinners around them ….

    Church people who cannot preach in buses, taxis, on the streets, on school campuses, at their offices, to their customers at their business places, to their colleagues at work or to their boss because they themselves are not living right….

    Church people who can not fast from 6am to 12noon….who cannot pray for ten minutes…

    Church people who cannot pray midnight prayers for common one hour non-stop at a stretch….

    Church people whom witches and wizzards scratch at night like mtn scratch cards…. chai…..

    Church people who can’t lay hands on the sick and they recover… chai….

    Church people who are filled with bitterness, hate, unforgiveness, envy, jealousy and malice…

    Church people who don’t fear God not respect men of God not have regard for constituted authority…

    Oh God, have mercy on me and on my generation !!!

    I am U.D. Umoh and I insist that…. The Church (If it is the Church of Jesus Christ) must fit into the specification of Scripture and follow the example of Christ and the model of the Apostles, according to the book of Ephesians 2:20, 1Cor 3:10-12

    A living Church that must make reasonable impact should therefore endeavour to meet atleast FOUR TIMES every week….


    1. Every Sunday for Worship…

    2. One day for practical Bible study centered on the basics of Christian life… probably with question time…

    3. One day for intercessory prayers for the Church and warfare prayers against the operations of the Kingdom of darkness…

    4. One day for Evangelism and follow up or visitation….

    That’s a living Church….


    “A CHURCH ON FIRE” must meet daily in the temple after the order of Jesus Christ our perfect example and after the order of the Apostles…

    Dear friends in Christ please…


    I see a revival fire coming to our Churches where men will begin to seek the face of God, not for their problems to be solved, but to have an encounter with the God, the Power of God, the anointing of the Holy Ghost, with deep hearted hunger for the glory of God and the fire of God to manifest in their lives and through their lives….

    They will stop over at the altar to seek the face of God daily in the temple on their way to work and on their way back from work…

    Their beds will become uncomfortable for them and their bedrooms will not be able to contain them anymore at night, as such, they will spend majority of their nights at the altar seeking the face of God for the outpouring of glory and fire…

    I see a time coming very soon when Church services will not and can not be as usuall again as there will be mysterious interception of the Choir ministration with a congregational outburst of tongues like never before which noone can regulate nor stop untill the Holy Ghost is done working on everyone who was in the service….

    I see a time coming, just before the rapture, not too long from now… when fire brand believers would emerge out of their closet of incubation in the place of prayers and their shadows will minister healing and deliverance to the sick and the oppressed on the streets as they pass by, after the order of Peter in Acts 5:15,16

    I see a time coming when pastors will not be able to begin and finish their messages in Church because of supernatural invasion of God’s power in full practical manifestation to the amazement of all and sundry…

    I see a time coming when believers will carry a special identity of divine presence and feeable glory blended with sound Christian character and integrity that will differentiate them from non christians…

    These breed of Christians will not be raised by Once a week Church activity….

    No serious business anywhere in the world, opens once a week or twice a week…

    Even football fans don’t like staying in their houses to watch the football match…. they like coming together at a common place to do so…. and somebody is saying that the real church is at home…. *One (at home) can only chase 1000, while Two eill chase 10,000 !* what a shame !

    One of the greatest signs revival all through history has always been the birth of passion to spent time in the Church to seek the face of God in prayer and word study ….

    Oh Lord…. send the fire once again…

    I’m tired of the status quo….
    They’ve got to be more than these…
    They’ve got to be more
    They’ve got to be more
    They’ve got to be more than these…

    Hmmmmmm oh my father,
    Touch me and my generation, set us on fire and make us desperate for you…

    Oh Lord….
    Set me on fire….
    For you…
    For you…

    Beloved, all I’m saying is that we need God now more than ever…. thank you and may God bless us all…

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