No Reputation

It may sound a bit romantic, planting a church where there was none before. It may also sound a bit foolish, what guarantees would there be of a successful church plant? What would we do if no one wanted to join our intrepid band of church planters, i.e., our family?

Returning Sent Ones: In Their Own Words

A unique look at the trauma faced by missionaries entering and exiting cultures.

Broken Missiology

Image-1The following is an excerpt from The Upstream Collective‘s ebook, Receiving Sent Ones During Reentry: The Challenges of Returning “Home” and How Churches Can Help. Used with permission.

Furlough. Evacuation. Resignation. Illness. Retirement.

That’€™s a short list of reasons Larry and Sarah Jenkins* returned from overseas.

I have known them for eight years. I have learned enough for a lifetime. If there i€™s anyone I could write a biography on, it would be this couple. If there i€™s anyone I could place at a table with sent ones, it’€™s them. So I’m going to help you get as close to that reality as possible. Here, in their own words, are their many experiences as returning sent ones.


Over the course of Larry and Sarah’s 26 years in Africa (stretched over 40 years of coming and going), they survived multiple furloughs. Though necessary times of cultural rest, furloughs also brought on…

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Love Puts Us At Risk

Why? That’s the $64,000.00 question whose answer has evaded those asking it generation after generation. Everyone wants to know “why” something happened in order to escape the pain of the experience. If we could know why, perhaps we could avoid the suffering.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectionism, it’s something that plagues most, if not all, of us in one way or another. From the time we are little children we are taught to keep trying to improve; we are given the impression that what we’ve done simply isn’t good enough.