Remember Me


I am a first generation American, born to Finnish parents who came to the USA in the 1960s. In 2002 I visited Finland and thought that I was well prepared for the emotions that I would encounter on my visit. I’m a career missionary and am accustomed to moving between different cultures, and I was raised by Finnish parents, how hard could it be? I learned that I was sorely mistaken.


I remembered you

The first time we met

You became familiar to me

When we said,

“Hello, how have you been?”

I didn’t remember you

Until today

My family,

My friend.

I remember your faces

And names

I take you with me

Familiar places unknown

Carried inside me

I will remember


My family,

My friend.

Remember me

Although we may not meet again

Remember my name

Remember Africa

Where serving the Lord I have been

Please remember me

Your family

Your friend.

3 thoughts on “Remember Me”

  1. How could I ever forget the Queen of England.
    Nan and I think of you and your family often with great affection

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