Yes, Lord


This year I’ve felt challenged to follow Jesus closer than ever before. My husband preaches an amazing message about the importance of following Jesus closely that I want to briefly share with you. He talks about the account in the scriptures  when Jesus is taken from the garden and deserted by His followers. While everyone else ran far away when the darkness fell over the Lord, Peter followed Jesus “at a distance.”

Luke 22:54 NKJ “Having arrested Him, they led Him and brought Him into the high priest’s house. But Peter followed at a distance.”

There’s a danger in allowing distance to come between us and our Lord. Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, followed at a distance. As he allowed distance to come between him and Jesus, his commitment to his Lord changed. One moment he was a close follower and the next, he denied Jesus three times. While Peter was later restored to the Lord, I’m sure he had many regrets for having denied Him. I so want to live a life of no regret!

I’m reading a book right now by Amy Carmichael (compiled by Bee Trehane) called, “Fragments That Remain.” In it, there’s an account of Amy’s early missionary service in Japan which began in 1893. While in Japan, she had two words written on the wall of her room: “Yes, Lord.” (Prologue p. ix) Such was her commitment to obeying the Father.

Whatever is asked of me, this year the answer I’m giving is simple: Yes, Lord.

Yes, Lord

I’m a sojourner, a pilgrim of sorts

Walking and running

A Shepherd guiding me

To destinations unknown.


At times in a valley

The night surrounding me

I’m climbing mountains

Darkness behind and shadows on either side.


Tables of plenty

And goodness all around

Mercy as my guide

Comforted in depths previously unknown.


You’re next to me

Even though death closely follows

You protect and keep me in the deep

Yes, Lord, where You lead, I will follow.

Psalm 23


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