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Day 9 – Subtitles

The following blog is written by a dear friend of mine, Mahalia O’Brien. She is a gifted leader and communicator. I hope you would take time to comment or email her directly to encourage her for today’s great blog. Her information is listed below. Blessings!

If ever given the opportunity to enjoy a movie at the O’Brien household, you’ll soon discover we make proper use of subtitles. On second thought, we can’t watch television without it. We read, watch and listen simultaneously. Why we do it, no one knows for certain, all I know is this; it has become a thing we do, a family habit that makes watching TV unsatisfying without it.

To some degree, subtitles do remind me of certain experiences I’ve had with God. For instance, pressing the mute button does not impede articulation. Your experience may have changed, but communication is still ongoing. A scenario I liken to God’s silence. When God goes silent, He’s not depriving us of communicating; He only requires that we listen and watch more attentively. We can remain engaged by either praying or worshipping; besides, there should always be activity between the Father and us.

And while my family and I enjoy and take advantage of subtitles they are far from perfect. Contingent on the studio or year of release, many programs are inadequately equipped; the spoken and written words may differ, and phrases and sentences are modified due to editing.

But God’s word remains gloriously perfect; there are no defects, contradictions, or inconsistencies.

John writes one of the most compelling statements explaining solidarity of the Godhead. He goes on to say “there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one,” (1 John 5:7) and they do not disagree under any circumstances.

The Psalmist also exalts God by saying “I will worship toward Your holy temple, and praise Your Name for Your lovingkindness and Your truth; For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.” (Psalms 138:2 NKJV) God’s Word abides unchanged; it is eternally sustainable and able to regenerate His work.

The word is magnified above all other attributes of Himself, far above the Eternal Godhead, and above the glory of His kingdom, power, and dominion, and exalts it above anything created. We too must do our best to take it at face value, and believe that God will perform the promises made to you.

In His Word, we find instruction, and it is the principal teacher. It gives concise direction. And it’s easy to follow. We can read between the lines, and it fills in the gaps. It heals and delivers. It gives expression to life. It’s dramatic yet comforting. It corrects but isn’t rude. Its truth is revealing but isn’t harsh. It refreshes the weary. It forgives the condemned. It brings wholeness to the maimed. Deliverance to the oppressed. Humility to the prideful. Love to the scorned. It is food for the hungry water to the thirsty. Light to those in darkness. It infiltrates but is not intrusive. It pierces but does not hurt. It is Freedom to the captives and gives vision to the dreamless. It exalts the weak to sit among princes, it’s a friend to the lonely and softens the bitter at heart.

In the long run, I may one day tire of subtitles, or I may no longer have a use for television, but God’s word will remain as a seal upon my heart. For it is the light that brings me comfort. It has given me joy and removed my fears. It brings correction and spurs me on. It provides courage, strengthens my hands, directs my path and steadies my heart. But most importantly, it reveals my Father’s heart and defines His face. In short, I cannot see without His word, it is the most precious thing to me.

By: Mahalia O’Brien

Twitter: @mahaliakobrien

website: http://eikonwomen.org

Email: info@eikonwomen.org


We are drawing near to the halfway point of our fast – I hope this season has been as special for you all following as it has been for me.

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  1. This is such a unique way to look at God and His Word. His Word has so many benefits and powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. His word is amazing. His word regenerates and revives broken and dead lives. His word brings life to hearts that are otherwise dried and lifeless. Thank you for sharing your heart and passion.

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