The Flashlight App

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t like to turn on the light. That feeling of lights suddenly coming on right when you wake up from a sleep is not nice. I’m awake almost always before the sun comes up so the intrusion of light into my world comes in stages; you might say that waking up for me is a kind of “emerging.”

So when walking around in the dark, I am usually quite confident of my way around and most of the time, I manage to navigate around our room quietly without rousing the rest of the house.

On occasion, I will use the “flashlight app” on my phone to move around if I’m in an unfamiliar setting (if we are traveling) or if I’ve moved the furniture around (which I am been known to do quite often). When I become comfortable with how the room is, I then leave the “flashlight app” to the side and make my way in the dark. This assumption of mine brings with it its own dangers. From time to time I will misstep and either stub my toe or hit the corner of the bed. That kind of pain, especially in the moments when you’ve just woken in the night or early in the morning, is exquisite. The reminder of the episode usually lasts a few days as I nurse a bruise or cut to my leg or toe.

“Feet accustomed to the road of God can find it in the dark.” Dr. Maclaren

Life is full of “dark moments” and when those moments hit, can we manage to find God’s road despite the darkness?

Psalm 119:105 NKJ “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Although life has dark moments, God has supplied us with a flashlight app that won’t stun us as if the lights had been turned on in the middle of the night. His Word is a light that shines and shows us the path before us. If we choose to leave that “flashlight app” to the side because we’re accustomed to how things are laid out in life, we risk hurting ourselves as those life issues hidden in the darkness might just stick out and interrupt our journey.

How familiar are you with His app? Do you have it turned on daily? Or, have you stubbed your toe in the night walking around thinking you knew your way around? The flashlight is there, right next to you. Switch it on today. You’ll find the right road.