Me and My Big Mouth

A young boy went for his first-ever dental appointment. The dentist remarked to his mother how small his teeth were; the mother’s quick reply? “Wind erosion.”

As a child (and now maybe even as an adult) I loved to talk. When report cards were sent home, the usual remark by the teacher was, “Lea loves to chatter.” I did learn to hide my chatter better as the years went by in school since my parents were none too happy to read of my chattering exploits year in and year out.

Until I had better control of my words, I would often speak before my mind had a chance to catch up with my mouth. As a result, things coming out of my mouth would, until I learned to think before speaking, that were oftentimes embarrassing. I was then subject to the scolding of my parents’ words that would temper my mouth for a time – until I forgot and the cycle repeated itself!

I once answered the telephone at home when I was very little. The person on the other line asked where my mother was and I was kind enough to tell them that she was in the bathroom and had been in there for a long time and didn’t know when she would get out. Me and my big mouth! I never repeated that mistake!

One would think that as an adult I would do better, and perhaps I do better than I did as a child but still, the struggle with my words continues! At moments of exhaustion, frustration, misunderstanding, it seems the first thing I lose control of is my words:

“I’ll never get this done.”

“This is too difficult.”

“I’m going to give up!”

Have you ever let go of your words?

Psalm 19:14 NKJ “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.”

Words play a critical part in our lives; with them we set the direction of our day, of our lives, and the lives of those effected by them. Words can be creative and words can be destructive.

How do we move forward in life? By the words that come out of our mouths at home, at school, at a job interview, at work, at the store – everything depends on our words.

What kinds of words have come from your mouth? Have they been pleasing or pitiful? Words, they can build or tear down. Which ones we use is up to us.

Take time to pay attention to your words. If we can make small changes in our words, we will see big changes in our lives.