Finish Strong

I have, possibly, thousands of unfinished crafts that have ended up filling landfills. Whenever a new crafting trend came around when I was young, I tried to learn it and prove to myself that I would someday find that crafty side of me! What are some of the things I tried? Rug hooking, needlepoint, cross-stitch, quilting, painting, drawing, all used up my parents’ hard-earned money! I never found my inner Picasso or Martha Stewart; instead, I learned that I should allow others to make beautiful things. What I attempted was never good enough and in my frustration, I ended up throwing all of my crafts away.

One particular project sticks out in my mind: a rug that I was trying to finish. Why a rug? I don’t know. It wasn’t large, perhaps a foot and a half wide around. The main background color was light blue and I have distinct memories of the light blue yarn driving me to distraction. Perhaps this is why it took me many years to once again appreciate light blue!

I didn’t finish the rug.

My tendency of not finishing, growing weary of working on projects, grew into full-blown procrastination by the time I was a teenager. There were many late nights in high school when I stayed up working on science projects that were due the next day. It didn’t matter that I had had weeks, if not months, notice to work on the project. It always seemed that I would wait until the last minute to try to finish something. The end result often came out as something “half baked” with a “C” marked on the top.

As I grew into adulthood and had a family of my own, I began to learn the value of preparation and finishing projects that I started. Half-baked bread simply wouldn’t cut the mustard in my life – and I began to see myself finishing projects.

Fast forward to my present-day reality and you’ll find there’s nothing I despise more than putting things off to the last minute or leaving a project halfway done. I like to see things finished and finished well. If the gas in my car is beginning to hover near 1/4, I’m off to fill it! If the laundry basket is getting much past halfway full – the washer gets fired up (disclaimer…as long as there’s power and water)!

I want to finish strong.

Hebrews 4:7 NLT “So God set another time for entering His rest and that time is today…”

It seems illogical – how can we finish strong but be rested? In our fast-paced society, it seems everyone is overworked, overtired, and striving to find rest.

Jesus finished strong, and His finish works strong in us.

Because of the great work of our Lord on the cross, we can rest. That doesn’t mean we cease from lifetime responsibilities like taking care of our families and homes. It simply means that the labor we experience underneath our daily labours, the thing that makes us truly weary, this need we have to prove ourselves because of who we are and what we do are never good enough, that this work is finished. Jesus lived the life we should’ve lived and died the death we should have died. It is in His perfect work, we rest.

Take time to rely on the work of Jesus, His finished work, and rest in the fact that God is satisfied with you. There’s nothing you can do that could make God love you more or less. Be satisfied  – He really finished everything that is of eternal importance.

It is in this way we can finish strong.