Have a Doughnut

Have you become frustrated with the ongoing reports from “them” about what is healthy and what isn’t healthy? I took some time recently and thought about the health trends that have come and gone over the years:

  • It used to be “no pain no gain” but now “they” say that’s wrong.
  • “Low fat” was all the rage at one time but now “they” say there are good fats.
  • Now “no gmo” and “vegan” are all the rage – but I wonder how long we’ll go until “they” have another idea!

Makes me want to eat a doughnut…and I haven’t had a doughnut in I don’t remember when! It is all very confusing.

We aren’t the first ones in history to need clarification on a subject. When it comes to spiritual matters, Jesus said:

Luke 11:34-36 NLT vs. 35 “Make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness.”

How could we possibly live in darkness when we have claimed Jesus to be Lord of our lives? The Gospel was never meant to be popular or well received. Everything about the Gospel goes contrary to the standards that the rest of the world holds to: forgiveness, joy, living up to a standard of honesty, integrity and a deep reverence for God and His ways.

This way of living is otherwise known as living in the fear of the Lord. It is to this life that we have been called so we can make a real difference to the world around us. That is as clear as a message can possibly be.

But when it comes to what is the “in” way of eating? I still don’t have a clue! If you’re in doubt, I guess it’s ok to go ahead and have a doughnut while you wait for the answer.