One More Time

One More Time

It hasn’t been long

Since I last heard your crying to be fed in the night

And I held you close, rocking you til you slept

Holding you for hours in my arms

Seems it was only last night.

Only a short time ago

Holding your hand tightly in mine

We went to school one cold winter day

Worried as I left you

Praying for you all the day.

Weren’t we together today

I watched you play football in the sun

“Throw it again, Daddy!” in earnest you called

“Can’t you play just one more time?”

How did those days pass me by?

Did we forget to hold you

Or tell you we cared?

Did we neglect to help you

Or hold you when you were scared?

Did we seem too busy to hear you

Or listen to you when you cried?

Can’t I just hold you close to my heart just one more time?

When did yesterday turn into today?

And the night turn into morning?

How have we watched you grow

And not seen a new day dawning?

Today, yesterday’s baby

Has grown into a young man

But I still long to see him

Tommy, can’t you play just one more time?

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb is a reward.”

Written for Tom, our firstborn, in 2003 as he graduated high school and left Africa to continue studies Stateside.

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