Search, Uncomparable

Lost Rings

I lost my wedding rings once. I had been housecleaning and had put my ring to the side while I was cleaning house. After the laundry was done, the floors cleaned, and refrigerator wiped down (yes, it was that kind of a cleaning day), I remembered that I had taken my rings off. So the search began.

Disclaimer: Now the family, interestingly enough, cited that excessive cleaning is dangerous and losing my rings was a great example in their argument. Thus, they reasoned, we should avoid excessive housecleaning because valuables get lost. 

Now my rings aren’t anything ostentatious by any stretch of the imagination, but they are my wedding rings. I love my rings! The set is just a slim white gold band and a simple engagement ring with a solitaire diamond. I never tire of looking at them and at that moment when I went to search for them and couldn’t find them – my heart sunk. Those rings are precious to me – so I prayed after I panicked (should’ve been the other way around!) and calmed myself. The next day I did find my rings and I learned my lesson to take care where I lay them down.

Just as no other rings can compare to those that I have, there’s nothing that can compare to our Father. There have been times when I’ve not recognized His value in my life or I’ve misplaced my relationship with Him (like I lost my rings). When I come back to where I should be, then my peace returns.

Psalm 89:8 MSG “Search high and low, scan the skies and land, you’ll find nothing and no one quite like God.”

There’s nothing like our Father; no one measures up to Him.

It’s relatively easy to say so in the middle of a worship service or while listening to some great worship music. But, when we are alone under the pressure of things that surround us, it becomes quite easy to forget Him.

In the morning when getting ready for school, work, or a day out we look in the mirror and walk away. After a few minutes away, we’ll often return to the mirror to check what we look like – have we changed so swiftly? “I just have to check one thing…” But we still look the same. We seem to have an uncanny ability to forget.

He never changes, no one and nothing can compare to Him. As you go about your day, remind yourself that He never changes. The only one that changes in the middle of the day is us – He is and always will be faithful. Hang on to Him; He will always come through.

Take a moment to remember where you put your relationship with the Father today. If it’s been shelved or neglected, just pull it out. You’ll find yourself in that sweet spot of His presence once again; He’s never far.

Much love,