Pass the salt, please…

I like to salty foods! I confess!

Potato chips.

French fries.


All things salty in the snack aisle…

Because I love salty snacks, I try to steer clear of them when shopping as I’m always tempted to waste way too much of my grocery money on useless salty things (but they do taste so nice).

What about salt substitutes? To me, salt substitutes are in the same category as decaffeinated coffee. It doesn’t work!

Mark 9:49 “For everyone will be seasoned with fire, and every sacrifice will be seasoned with salt.

There’s nothing that can replace the process of seasoning. When cooking, many recipes call for a dish to set overnight in order for the flavors to mix and settle properly. It doesn’t seem like much is happening when we let a piece of meat marinate overnight in the refrigerator – but the flavors are coming together as the meat rests in the mixture of seasonings overnight.

Once it is cooked – voila! Everyone at the table exclaims what a great cook you are…and if you’re me you smile and thank God for the great mix of seasonings you found at the store and wonder if you could ever find that same package again!

Our lives are just that: dishes that are served up to this world for the Lord’s service. Things we’ve done, sacrifices we have given, the seen and unseen, serve to make those around us want to know why we have hope when they don’t. Why we can keep going when everyone else gives up. Why we can love people when they are being unlovely…

If this is what my sacrifices do for me, well then. Pass the salt, please.