Change is never easy. In fact, the 5 top most stressful life events have to do with change of situation:

1. Death of a loved one.

2. Divorce.

3. Moving.

4. Major Illness.

5. Job loss.

Each of these situations has to do with a change of life circumstance and the adjustment that naturally accompanies that change. We, as human beings, don’t like change. We like our rhythm, we like our ways of doing things – because they are comfortable and we can predict with a good deal of accuracy what tomorrow will bring as long as we are flowing in our ways of doing things.

Jesus never promised us a changeless life. In fact, He promised a life full of change as we allow His Word and Spirit to permeate our beings. There are times we cry out for “change” but when that change comes, we chafe against it for it challenges us to change those things that we hold near and dear.

“I like worship this way.”

“I can come worship on Sunday only.”

“Please don’t talk about prayer and reading the Bible any longer.”

“Giving is so Old Testament.”

When Jesus made His final and famous entry into Jerusalem, He was celebrated! People laid palm branches before Him as He entered the city; they were crying out “Hosanna!” What a glorious day! This joy was short-lived as He began to challenge people to change – He cursed a tree that didn’t produce fruit (I’m sure much to the chagrin of the owners of the tree), He chased money changers from the temple (taking away their revenue), and from there things went downhill quickly:

Mark 11:18a NLT “When the leading priests and teachers of religious law heard what Jesus had done, they began planning how to kill Him…”

The end result was the crucifixion – at least those who put Him to death thought it was. After three days, their perceived victory was turned around at the resurrection. The tragedy of this was the fact that God’s people didn’t recognize Him when He came to challenge them to change.

This pattern: Celebration + Challenge + Crucifixion = Resurrection seems to repeat itself. We celebrate a great service or meeting where people feel good! However, when a challenge to reach beyond what is comfortable is presented, we want to put that challenge to death. Finally, those who can go beyond and embrace the message, there is a resurrection.

Where are we in life as He has entered into our lives? Are we celebrating His entry or are we plotting to remove Him as He challenges us? Are we repeating history? Don’t make the mistake of those in ages past and miss the move of God for the sake of what is comfortable or reasonable. If we behave as they did, we risk missing out on the resurrection!

Come, Lord Jesus, change me.

2 thoughts on “Change”

  1. I think we are all advocates of change for the better but we don’t recognize that it starts with us!

  2. This is so thought provoking! I don’t think we realize that when we accept Christ it involves change on every level. God’s word challenge us every time we hear or read it, commanding a response!. In his book
    Seasons of Change the late Dr Myles Monroe stated that” in order for change to take place the pain for change must exceed the pain of remaining the same”. The truth is that if we are willing to make Him change us, we are one step closer to being more like Him!

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