Don’t Ever Grow Up

When I became a parent, I grew up fast. When I became a parent, I suddenly understood what it meant to live for someone else besides myself. When I became a parent, I felt the incredible pressure of raising and being responsible for my child. When I became a parent, I realized how inadequate I was to take care of the miracle that was before me. When I became a parent, I finally understood what it meant to love someone to the point of forgetting self.

When my children were babies, they depended on me for everything: food, baths, clothing, play, everything revolved around me and what I did for them. As they grew, they began pulling away, “I don’t like that food,” and “I don’t want to wear that,” and the worst, “I don’t want you to kiss me goodbye in front of my friends.”

This pulling away is healthy, but painful. We have children and raise them to fear the Lord and become His workers in His field – on their own apart from us. But the process is not easy! We watch them stand, fall, stand, fall, cry, and try again – all the while disciplining ourselves to allow them to fall and learn the lesson.

As a parent, I never tire of hearing my kids’ voices. When they call me on the phone or talk to me in passing, I’ll stop everything to listen to them. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, if they call, I am there full stop. Sometimes, when they talk to me about something they’re going through, I’ll voice my opinion, knowing it’s most likely going to be met with “Oh Mom.” Later on after they’ve gone through a bit of their own “stuff” I find them coming back to me saying, “You were right.” As they grow older, they tell my youngest, “Listen to Mom, she knows.” While I know they don’t always think I “Get it” when it comes to life issues, it does feel good when they tell their younger sister to listen to Mom.

I can only imagine what our Heavenly Father goes through with us! I can’t imagine how much He longs to have us come, to call Him, to listen to what He has to say – because He really does know it all. Like the rest of us with grown kids, He calls us to come, and then He waits.

He waits to hear us call for Him – because we never really grow up, we always need Him.

Psalm 27:8 NLT “My heart has heard You say, ‘Come and talk with Me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'”

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