Romans 11:33-36 NCV “Yes, God’s riches are very great, and His wisdom and knowledge have no end! No one can explain the things God decides or understand His ways. As the Scripture says, ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been able to give Him advice? No one has ever given God anything that He must pay back.’ Yes, God made all things, and everything continues through Him and for Him. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.”

Unconsciously I’ve thought that God should reward me for good behavior, for the things I’ve done for Him.

“I’ve lived for You, done what You’ve asked, can’t you give me a free pass? A little bit of an easy ride for now?”

When things don’t pan out the way I want them to, I have developed attitudes of “You owe me, I’ve done this for You.” Of course I would deny those feelings until I would catch myself soaking in sarcasm and cynicism.

God owes me nothing and I owe Him everything – He is not made for me but I for Him and His glory! Whatever I may “do for Him” is all for His glory, the debt is mine not His. I am indebted and unable to pay – thank God for Jesus!

May my motives reflect giving Him all the glory – not searching for my own.