Dad Brought Me

How did I get here?

When I was a child and teenager, the “how did I get here” questions of life never crossed my mind. I suppose it’s because there wasn’t enough history to my life to think about how I got somewhere. If I was ever asked that question, it usually was in reference to how I got to school, a friend’s house or park for a party. Why it was obvious how I got there – my dad brought me. My dad brought me everywhere: to softball practice, youth group, family gatherings, and doctors’ offices when I broke my arm or got bitten by the neighborhood dog (strange thing, that dog was a labrador retriever – not a dog that would typically bite someone!).

Life has a way of taking you places; at least it seems as if life has taken us places. Actually, it’s the Father, our Heavenly Father, Who has brought us places just like our natural fathers brought us places when we were younger. Places that we go don’t seem to mean very much early on in life but as the years pass, we can look back and see that Dad brought us there for a reason. There was something to learn, a person to meet, schools for the children, and churches where we learned to worship.

You aren’t where you are, none of us are, by mistake. We’ve been brought by our Heavenly Father on trails that, for whatever reason, were part of our lives’ journeys. Those trails are often difficult and we wonder, “How in the world did I get here? How am I going to get out?” The answer is very easy, the same Dad Who brought you in will walk with you out.

I’ve wondered these past couple of years, “How did I get here?” Then I remembered, Dad brought me.

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    I’ve been thinking of my dad a lot lately as we are in the holiday season. Last year, for the first time ever, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my dad – what a great memory!

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